Iron Infusion

If you feel tired, look pale, experience dizziness, lightheadness or irritability, you may have iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia. It is important to consult your GP for thorough investigation, diagnosis and treatment options. If indeed you are found to be low in iron, an iron infusion may be the right path for your recovery. Do you know that iron can be replenished rapidly through your vein, which provides a fast and effective way of treating iron deficiency? The infusion is done with an iron solution known as Ferinject and can be done quickly and efficiently under the care and supervision of your doctor and nursing team in our treatment room. Please call and speak to our nursing and admin team for further information on our billings policy and procedural guidelines.

Key questions to consider:

How long does a Ferinject iron infusion take?

Do I need a consult with a GP prior to having an iron infusion?

What out of pocket expense should I be expecting?

Do I need to take time off work or have someone drive me to my iron infusion?

Do I need to prepare in any way prior to my infusion?

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